Dante: not a sting fan

So Dante went in for his 4-month pediatric appointment yesterday — for the record, he’s 26.5 inches long and 14 pounds 13.5 ounces now. This apparently makes him a very long baby! Anyway, the appointment went fine, and we love our pediatrician, but then came the traumatic part: the shots.

It’s not that we’re uncomfortable or fearful about childhood immunizations. We’re totally at peace with that. But it can be hard to watch him lying there blissfully and then see the sudden shock and dismay flood his face as he feels a sharp sting in his leg. It especially sucks to be unable to explain any of it to him, because he looks at us with what I imagine to be an “et tu, Brute?” sort of expression.

Then again, in his very in-the-moment way, he was smiling again 10 minutes afterward, while we were both still replaying that expression in our minds.


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