Happy Dante is back

My mood has improved a lot since Aunt Jenny was here. My mouth is still bugging me, but I’ve figured out how to grab a finger from M or D and gnaw on it. That helps some. Also, they got me these new toys that are good to chew on, though they are too hard to hold onto.

Here’s something good: D and I have figured out this cool new game called Jump! (The exclamation mark is part of the name.) How it works is, he holds me under my arms, then lifts me up really fast, then lowers me down again. We do this over and over, until D’s arms get tired, which I must say happens pretty quickly. It’s so fun while it’s happening, though. The best part is there’s this little split-second moment where I’m flying on my own, before he catches me. It’s not like I’m airborne or anything, but it’s cool. I always open my mouth really big and happy. That lets him know I like it. He’s not too good at picking up on subtler signals.

What else? D cut my nails today without making me bleed once! That hasn’t happened in a while, for either one of them. I think it’s easier for them when I pretend to be asleep. That’s what I did today, until I just couldn’t stand it anymore and had to open my eyes. Oh, and I squealed. I’ve been squealing a lot lately, which is really confusing them. The looks on their faces are priceless. I try to mix it up with a bunch of random sounds, and to do it at all different times, so they don’t know what it means. I wonder how long I can keep them going before they figure out I’m just messing with them?

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