Aunt Jenny is the cure

I was going to call this post “Watch out”, because I’ve been in a bad mood lately. First, this stuffed up nose thing. Have you ever had this? I don’t like it at all. And when M and D notice it, they start sticking plastic vacuums up my nose, which is even worse than the stuffiness. Though I do admit that it feels good afterwards, being unstuffed. It comes back though. Seems like grownup technology hasn’t managed to address the real problem yet.

Then on top of that, my mouth is starting to hurt me sometimes. It’s okay when I’m looking at something, or when somebody’s moving me around so I can watch the world move or feel that motion feeling, but as soon as it stops, I remember that I have some problem. I don’t know what’s up. I don’t like it though.

Anyway, I’ve been feeling a lot crankier than usual, so you’d better watch out, is what I was going to tell you guys. But then Aunt Jenny came to town. It took me a while to really enjoy the show, but at the end of the weekend I felt really happy again. Live entertainment really does take your mind off your troubles.


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