I posted last time about Dante’s sleep schedule shifting, so that he fell asleep in the early evening and woke up in the early morning. That was okay, but this weekend, he started going to bed later but waking up at 1:30 or 2:00, crying for food. Argh. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights all featured this brutal wee hours feeding. Then on Monday night he went back to sleeping through the evening and night (with a bottle assist around 11:00.) The confusing thing is that for a while there, he could eat at 8:00 and sleep through til 5:00 the next day. Now that doesn’t seem to cut it anymore, which is a bummer.

It reminds me that first, the whole child development thing is not a linear process, but more of a zigzag, two-steps-forward-one-step-back kind of experience. Secondly, I keep thinking of a friend’s comment that raising kids is kind of like fighting the Borg: something may work for a while, but then they adapt, and suddenly your winning strategy is useless, necessitating a new plan. Resistance is futile.


3 thoughts on “Wha’happen?

  1. Sleep schedule

    Hi, it’s Adriana. As I write this Jasper has napped for over three hours in what is ordinarily a two-hour nap. He went through a fairly predictable phase through the summer: up around 8, nap from 12-2, bedtime around 9. But this month he’s started moving things around. Yesterday he didn’t wake up until 10:30! And sometimes he doesn’t nap until after three. I’ve heard that extra sleeping often occurs during a growth spurt, so maybe that’s what this is all about. Meanwhile he still wakes up four to six times during the night. I can usually nurse him back to sleep within five minutes. but that’s an advantage non-nursing parents have. Formula-fed babies get used to sleeping through the night sooner, most of the time. Don’t tell La Leche League I told you so.

    • Re: Sleep schedule

      Meanwhile he still wakes up four to six times during the night.

      Good god almighty! And he’s how old? Thanks for reminding me that I don’t know what brutal is. Is he in the same room with you guys? Dante is across the hall from us, so he has to make a little noise to wake us up. Man, four to six times a night. Ouch. Kind of puts my whole thing in perspective.

  2. The Borg

    Hi, it’s Kansas Jenny. If Captain Picard stops by to assist you in your fight against the Borg, please let me know right away. Thanks.

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