Bjorn hiker

Lots of days, M takes me for a hike. This is kind of like riding in a car, only slower, and you can see more. Also, you can feel the air and smell things and hear the sounds and stuff. I like it. Anyway, last weekend M and D and I went on a long car trip to someplace, and the three of us went on a hike together. So now I have some pictures to show you.

M straps me into this thing called a “bjorn”. Like I said, it’s kind of like a car seat, but more comforting because it’s right up against M’s body. Also, you can really see stuff going by.

Most of the days we see this one mountain, but on the weekend we saw a different mountain. I’m not sure I know what the differences are yet. This one did feel a little cooler. Still pretty warm, though. Also, there were these trees with yellow leaves that trembled in the wind. They were pretty.

I have this hat that I wear to keep the sun off my face. Also, I think it looks pretty cool.

Anyway, hiking is pretty fun, but after a while the bouncing and the movement are just so soothing that I feel like going to sleep. D wanted to take a picture of me sleep-hiking, but every time M would stop for the picture, I’d wake up. I told him I need motion to sleep-hike, so then he took one in motion. It’s a little blurry, but you get the idea.

We’ve also gone hiking with these other mothers and babies sometimes, called the Mountain Mamas. This goes slower than our usual hikes, and is noisier too. I like hiking with other people okay, but my favorite is still solo hiking with M. No offense, D.


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