10 Things I’m Happy About

  • This morning I saw Dante discover his feet. He was sitting in his swing, which kind of scrunches his body, and I watched him grab his foot, look at it, let it go, grab it again. Over and over. This was both hilarious and moving.
  • I am so grateful I’m not a single parent, and that I have a single child. The concept of dealing with more than one infant at once, or of being alone to deal with one infant, absolutely boggles me.
  • Dante has started smiling. Not just face twitches, or that odd sleepy giggle, but actually smiling back at you when you smile at him. It’s awesome.
  • I’m getting to learn lots of nifty new skills at my job, and although it sometimes goes slower than I’d like, it’s mostly been very satisfying.
  • For that matter, I’m grateful to have a job, and a secure and well-paying one at that.
  • Really, stepping back a few more, I’m extremely thankful that my life, home, and family are intact, and haven’t been wiped out by some mind-numbingly horrible natural disaster.
  • My family and friends have been so amazingly generous with us, giving time, money, stuff, labor… everything. Life is so much better than it would be without all that.
  • Music. It’s a lifesaver. Seriously. Right now Ben Folds is totally my man.
  • Disposable diapers, the diaper Genie, baby formula, modern medicine, and all the other baby technologies that exist in my time. Some of this stuff is just miraculous.
  • My marvelous partner, who somehow manages to keep it together when I’m feeling panicky, and who is taking on the lion’s share of childcare while I work.

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