Okay peoples, here are those pictures I promised.

I’ve been feeling a little helpless. The whole baby thing, you know. So I’m working on learning a little karate.

Another project I’ve been spending time on is figuring out how to recapture that comforting hand thing to suck on. It’s been a bit frustrating, but I have made progress. I can now consistently capture the hand itself, but the smaller part has stayed hidden.

Of course, I also spend time just having fun.

Here are some pics from the Aunt Jenny show I was telling you about.

See what I mean? Awesome! I even got to meet her after the show. She acted like she wanted to be my friend and everything! I don’t know, though. You know how it is with famous people. I heard she’s coming back in October, so that seems like a good sign.

Hope y’all enjoy your labor day weekend. Dante out. (I learned that from Kansas Jenny. Thanks, KJ!)


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