Aunt Jenny

So last night I saw my Aunt Jenny for the first time. She’s normally in New York. I had heard about her, but I have to tell you, seeing her live was awesome. She put on the best show I have ever seen. She’d be, like, playing me like a piano, and then ten seconds later she’d wave her arms all around and make “bloo-bloo-bloo” noises, and then in another ten seconds she’d start a game where she held my arms and then let them go, and on and on. Wow! It was just one surprise after another! I thought M and D were fun, but they’re like a rattle and Aunt Jenny is like balloons. No comparison!

Anyway, I have some pictures that I’ll post later, but I just wanted to say that the Aunt Jenny show is great. Definitely catch her if she comes to your town.


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