Hey everybody. Dante here. I want to show you some pictures.

This is me standing up. Well okay, I need a little support. But I love to stretch my legs!

Once, during tummy time, I found this thing, and sucking on it was so comforting. It has proved elusive since then. But I will find it again!

D got these balloons for his birthday. Have you ever seen these things? They are the coolest toy I have ever seen in my WHOLE LIFE. I even got to hold them.

I don’t know which was cooler, holding them or letting them go. They were both pretty cool. I couldn’t keep my eyes off them!

Okay, that’s enough pictures for now. I’m not sure what to tell you guys about. You can comment here if you want and ask me questions.


8 thoughts on “balloons!

  1. cute picture!

    It’s a great picture of you, Dante. Inquiring minds are wondering – what was the thing you were sucking on?? This is your friend, Trish. I’ll be helping your Dad survive when he has to go back to work.

    • Re: cute picture!

      Hey Trish. I remember you. Thank you for helping D. I didn’t know his survival was in jeopardy. I want him to survive!

      As for that thing. Honestly, I’m not sure. I think it’s maybe some part of me, because I felt the wetness and the comfort both. But I can’t seem to find it now. I’m still getting the hang of this body.

  2. Awwww you are gorgeous!


    More pictures please!! Thanks for letting me hold you big man–I loved when you fell asleep in my arms. Hey could Rhianna, Ashlyn and I come over to see you some time? We have a lovely song to sing to you!

    I love you,


    • Re: Awwww you are gorgeous!

      Okay! I like songs. When do you want to come?

      Actually, I probably shouldn’t make plans with you without checking with M and D. Why don’t you email D with when you want to come.

  3. Hi Cutie

    Hi Dante,
    I can not wait to meet you in person. Maybe this winter.
    You are too cute!! We love you.
    p.s tell your daddy to post more photos.

  4. Hi cutie

    Dear Dante,
    You are such a techno-baby! Grandma just recently learned what a blog is, and here you have one already.
    I am so excited for your Aunt Jenny to meet you. I’ll see you soon. I sure miss you when I have to work. Love and hugs!

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